Ingredient Highlight – Aloe Vera

Ingredient Highlight – Aloe Vera



The special healing effect of Aloe Vera has been known for several thousand years. The thick leaves are excellent water store which enables the plant to survive without rainfall for several months. For this reason Aloe Vera has been used in skincare for a long time to fight the skin’s dehydration. History reports that the Egyptian queen NeFertiti, wife of Akhenaten, used the plant for body care 3000 years ago; so did Cleopatra who was famous for her beauty.


Many scientists are now researching the medical effects of Aloe Vera. Currently, up to 400 different actives are known to be contained in this unique natural product. Aloe Vera contains vitamins (vitamin A, C and E) and a large number of minerals (magnesium, zinc, calcium and phosphorus).


One of the main actives in Aloe Vera is Acemannan, a long chain polysaccharide that activates the immune system and protects cell membranes.


Aloe Vera helps to prevent inflammation and skin irritations; the active substance penetrates into the skin easily and ensures a smooth looking skin.


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