The New Skin Super Food

There’s a new super food and beauty secret to discover. It comes from the Japanese Okinawa Islands and is called Green Caviar. Made entirely from plants, this super ingredient has ground-breaking anti-aging properties for our skin. This powerful aquatic plant can absorb valuable nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, micronutrients and vitamins from salt water. Green Caviar, in comparison to land plants, can store these compounds at a concentration that is up to 1000 times higher. It has been discovered that Green Caviar applied to the skin, as in the ocean, can store moisture and promote essential collagen synthesis processes. 

The active agents in Green Caviar not only provide the skin with vital moisture, but also help reactivate its natural, youthful structure. The minerals and micronutrients living inside the caviar care for and nourish your skin, whilst remaining an entirely vegan and paraben-free skincare range. For optimal results, this range is best used in conjunction with Mila Sensitive. 

Entirely vegan, paraben-free skin care. Rich in vitamins, providing essential antioxidant protection to maintain skin health and moisture.


Day Cream

This cream is suitable for everyday use in order to maintain skin health and moisture. Providing long-lasting protection against dehydration, without feeling greasy. Rich in vitamin A, B, C and E to promote a smooth and supple appearance. The signs of aging are visibly decreased with regular use of this paraben-free day cream. 


Night Cream


A luxurious night cream for ultimate skin restoration. Containing avocado oil, which assists in relieving dry skin and prevents inflammation, this award-winning night cream combats skin aging and provides a long-lasting increase in the skins elasticity with a lifting effect. The skin is visibly firmer, irritations are reduced resulting in a cared for complexion. 


Ageless Eye Cream

A delicate yet effective anti-aging eye cream which provides deep hydration. Can be applied daily to the eye zone and lip area to make the skin fuller and lifted whilst redefining the contours of these areas and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 


Revived Hydration Mask

A hydrating cream mask combing sunflower, coconut & sesame oil plus shea butter it provides a complete skin regenerative treatment, preventing dryness and promoting a more elastic skin tissue. This mask is rich in vitamins and offers a complete spa experience with its relaxing scent and calming properties. Applied 1-2 times a week to face, neck and décolleté.