Sensitive Skin Therapy

Effective, naturally derived skincare for sensitive skin. Mila Sensitive delivers soft, therapeutic care from medicinal plant extracts.

Containing the latest generation of active ingredients Aloe Vera and Chamomile, the skin is soothed, irritations are reduced whilst restoring moisture into the skin. This intelligent skincare system preserves the skin’s beauty and delivers a fresh, natural look. 

Mila Sensitive, the calming care your skin deserves.

Effective, uncomplicated, natural skincare for all skin types.


Cleansing Foam

This soft, purifying cleansing foam is a mild daily cleansing solution which gently rids pores of daily skin pollution. It maintains the skin’s youthful appearance, calms redness and reduces water loss in skin cells. 


Soft Cleansing Milk

An anti-inflammatory creamy milk cleanser that calms and softens the skin. Effectively removes make-up whilst soothing irritations and reducing redness. This gentle cream cleanser nourishes the skin and retains natural moisture levels. 



A gentle, alcohol-free toner that calms and refreshes the skin. Suitable for use on sensitive skin to supply moisture and soothe persistent irritation or itching. Best applied after cleansing to restore the skins PH balance. 

Day Cream

A velvety soft cream, complete with soothing active ingredients, applied in the morning this day cream provides long lasting moisture and improves the structure of the skin. Restoring the skins radiance with a soft, smooth appearance. Suitable for all skin types. 

Night Cream

This calming night cream restructures and regenerates the skin after application whilst your body sleeps. With a relaxing scent the skin is transformed and repaired, the active ingredients moisturise the skin and support cell stimulation. Rich in firming oils, the skin is left supple and smooth. 


Aloe Gel

The Aloe Gel is a refreshing facial treatment that soothes inflammatory conditions such as sunburn or eczema. The gel reduces redness and irritation and actively moisturises the skin whilst smoothing and cooling to calm and relax skin traumas. May be stored in your refrigerator to boost the cooling effect. 

Sensitive Mask


The Sensitive Mask immediately comforts irritated and reddened skin whilst strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier, providing the skin with a calming and soothing effect, creating an instant radiant complexion. This mask may be applied as an overnight remedy to hydrate and repair the skin.