Skin Brightening

Safe, gentle and easy to use, this skin-lightening compact line offers you professional and powerful care.

This special care series has been formulated with the newest synthetic and plant actives to reduce pigmentation disorders, counteract new pigmentation problems and make the skin significantly whiter and brighter.

The Mila White Shade Vision product formulas have been adapted for Asian skin and climate difference so as to achieve safe and optimal results.

Moreover, the products offer not only a brighter lighter skin, but thanks to the plant ingredients, this line provides your skin with moisturising, nourishing, soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Safe, gentle and easy to use, this skin-lightening compact line offers you a professional and powerful care.

Use Mila White Shade daily to keep your skin well protected from damaging environmental impacts, especially UV rays.

Vision Cleansing Foam
(Professionals Only)

The main ingredients, Sulfora White and Flowers Power Complex, provides exceptional skin-lightening benefits, plus helps to reduce age spots and pigmentation disorders. It’s antibacterial purifying and astringent effect soothes, calms and evens skin tone. Massage morning and evening with circular movements over face and neck.

Vision Day & Night Cream

This day and night cream provides the skin with the necessary ingredients for the optimal skin-brightening care. It helps to reduce age spots and pigmentation disorders, regenerates, moisturises and soothes.

Morning and evening apply a hazelnut size of Vision Day & Night Cream to perfectly cleansed face and neck.

Vision Serum

The incorporated ingredients of Squalane, Allantion, Hyaluronic Acid and Sulfora White are among the ingredient contributions of this product, which optimise the effects of melanin inhibiting formation whilst moisturising, nourishing, and soothing. It supports cellular regeneration and assists the skin to maintain a fresh, healthy appearance and even skin tone.

Morning and evening apply evenly over a perfectly cleansed face and neck, followed by Vision Day & Night Cream