Skin Brightening

The Ultimate Skin Brightener. White Shade Vision is a gentle and easy to use skin lightening range that offers professional skin care. Reducing pigmentation disorders with ingredients derived from plant actives which are proven to visibly enhance the skin’s appearance.

White Shade Vision range is a powerful complexion transformer providing moisturising, nourishing, smoothing and antibacterial effects to the skin.

Safe, gentle and easy to use White Shade Vision, provides professional and powerful skin whitening care.


Vision Cleansing Foam

A soft and gentle foam, this cleanser aids in skin brightening to assist in reducing the appearance of dark spots and discolouration. It’s antibacterial, purifying and astringent effects soothe and even the skin tone whilst calming sensitivity. 

Vision Day & Night Cream

This day and night cream provides the skin necessary ingredients for optimal skin-brightening care. Benefits include age spot and pigmentation correction.

This moisturising cream also significantly assists in lessening the effects of daytime stressors on the skin and aids in the cell regenerating process. 


Vision Serum with UV Protection

The Vision Serum contains innovative skin brightening ingredients formulated to reduce pigmentation and irritation. With the added benefit of UV-protection, this serum inhibits the formation of melanin and supports the skin to maintain a fresh, healthy appearance and even skin tone. This serum is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and stressed skin. 

Vision Powder Mask


This powder mask aids in reducing the formation of pigmentation and melanin and assists win correcting skin discolouration. The skill will regain radiance from the various lightening ingredients, including mulberry root extract and saxifraga sarmentose plant extract, inhibiting the formation of age spots plus feeding the skin with vitamin c. Professional use only.