The Revoluti-on your skin

Mila d’Opiz’s leading anti-aging skin care range. This high performing, revolutionary and award-winning product conveys a powerful message deep into the layers of the facial skin. The dermis is transformed into a firmer, more plumped surface whilst repair mechanisms are activated, the skin is visibly smoothed and rejuvenated. Reversing the aging process by stimulating the communication between skin cells. 

The Skin Whisperer embraces the finest and most innovative active ingredients to enhance the skin’s beauty.

The Skin Whisperer

The Skin Whisperer Cream is an advanced, anti-aging cream with intense regenerative capability whilst soothing and nurturing the skin. The Skin Whisperer Cream performs on the skin for 24 hours after application, by deeply hydrating, boosting collagen and elastin production, lifting the skin and reversing the signs of aging. This high-tech cream is the skins rejuvenation care perfectionist that delivers long lasting results, suitable for all skin types. 

The Skin Whisperer Serum

The advanced biotechnology and formulation of anti-aging skin care ingredients enables The Skin Whisperer Serum to deliver results like no other. The miracle ingredient DermCom assists in repairing sun damage, reducing blemishes, combating fine lines and wrinkles and evening the skin tone to radiate eternal youth. The Skin Whisperer Serum is the perfect partner to Beauty Oscar winning The Skin Whisperer Cream. 

The Skin Whisperer Eye Cream

The Skin Whisperer Eye Cream is the eye zones rejuvenation specialist. Formulated to care for the delicate skin around the eye, the cream works on multiple levels of the skin, to reduce dark circles, fight wrinkles and deliver an intensive rehydration. Through the Skin Whisperer effect, the skins appearance regains firmness and freshness. Ideal, long-lasting anti-aging care for all skin types.