From the first application, each drop of the concentrate collection provides its own unique effect and improves the appearance of the skin. One drop is 3-5 times richer and more active than traditional serums, each concentrate has its own focus:

  • Reducing lines and wrinkles.
  • Providing a deep moisturising effect.
  • Promoting cell regeneration.
  • Increasing skin resistance. 

Mila d’Opiz concentrates are highly effective compounds created for intensive in-salon or at home treatments.

Application of your favourite concentrate is best used regularly, applied directly to the skin following the cleansing phase and prior to application of day/night cream.

Mila concentrates are highly effective compounds created for intensive skin care treatments.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C concentrate contains a high concentration of Vitamin C. It activates skin regeneration, intensifies skin protection and has an intensive moisturising effect. Suitable for all skin types.

Purifying Effect

The Purifying Effect concentrate is soft and gentle on the skin. It normalises the sebum production, controls bacterial growth and alleviates inflammations. Suitable for all problematic skin types.


Hyaluron is the ultimate moisturising concentrate. It successfully smooths the skin, leaves a rejuvenated feeling, restores radiance, strengthens the epidermis and stimulates cell regeneration. Suitable for all skin types.

Caviar Anti Wrinkle

Caviar Anti-Wrinkle is an in-depth moisturising and anti-aging concentrate for all skin types. Containing the highly effective ingredient, caviar which nurtures and regenerates the skin whilst delaying the early signs of aging. Stimulating collagen production and reducing lines and wrinkles, this concentrate protects and strengthens sensitive, stressed skin. 

Stemcells Concentrate

The Stemcell concentrate, with its anti-aging effect, contains a highly effective complex of six plant stem cell ingredients to promote the renewal of cell structure, repair damaged tissue and strengthen the skin. This concentrate relies on nature’s own cell renewal power that provides the skin with an energy kick on a daily basis for smooth, protected and vitalised skin. It is suitable for all skin types – mineral oil and paraben free. 

The Vegan Green Caviar

Vegan Green Caviar concentrate improves the skins texture and feel, generating a more youthful and radiant complexion. Through its core ingredients, this concentrate not only provides the skin with ample moisture, it also assists in the skins renewal and reactivation processes. It’s antioxidant effect, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and creates a firmer skin surface. Suitable for all skin types. 

Hyaluronic4 Concentrate

Hyaluronic4 concentrate is the supreme anti-aging and moisturising concentrate for all skin types. The high concentration of different types of hyaluron cushions lines and wrinkles already in the epidermis and acts as a unique wrinkle filler with an immediate effect. Strengthening the skin and stimulating the essential cell renewal process, this concentrate is easily absorbed and incorporates 4 levels of sodium hyaluronate as an active ingredient. 

White Shade Concentrate

White Shade concentrate contains exceptional skin brightening ingredients formulated to reduce pigmentation and irritation to maintain a fresh, luminous and even skin tone. The main active ingredient in this concentrate, Sulfra White, effectively inhibits melanin formation and lessens the appearance of skin discolouration from pigmentation and age spots with the acceleration of new cell formation. 

Beauty Detox


Beauty Detox concentrate contains the highest quality of oils and natural active ingredients, this facial oil soothes and nourishes heavily stressed and damaged skin. Containing a high concentration of Vitamin C, it intensifies the skin’s protection barrier and activates the regeneration of skin cells. Best applied by gently massaging into the skin during your evening skin care routine, avoiding the eye area. Suitable for all skin types.