From the first application, these concentrates provide their unique effects and improve the appearance of the skin.

Each serum has its own specificity; lines and wrinkles are alleviated, provides deep moisturising, promotes regeneration and skin resistance is increased.

Each precious drop of the Concentrate Collection offers an improved skin texture. One drop is 3-5 times richer and more active than traditional “Essentials”.

Mila concentrates are highly effective compounds created for intensive skin care treatments. The exceptionally rich composition of these serums suit each skin type/condition.

The Vegan Green Caviar

The Vegan Green Caviar Concentrate may be integrated into all basic and premium skin care treatments. Massaged into the skin prior to any moisturising and firming mask, the concentrate delivers enhanced results. Skin firmness is significantly improved, protecting and strengthening sensitive stressed skin. It’s antioxidant effect, smoothes lines and wrinkles and has a renewed effect on damaged skin.


The ultimate moisturising concentrate for all skin types, leaving the skin soft and velvety. Strengthening the skin and stimulating the essential cell renewal process.  Easily absorbed, incorporating 4 levels of sodium hyaluronate as an active ingredient. Apply underneath your day and night finishing creams, plus combined with any moisturising or firming mask as a base for enviable radiant skin.

Beauty Detox

Suitable for all age groups, skin types including men. High concentrate of Vitamin C, intensifying the skin’s barrier and activating the regeneration of the skin. With its soothing, nourishing and intensive moisturising effect it may be incorporated in with regular day and night treatments as well a base under any moisturising or firming mask. In addition to facial use, gently massage into dry hands for luxury hand care. Scientific tests confirm a visible improvement to damaged skin.

Vitamin C

This ampoule bottle contains a high concentration of Vitamin C. It activates skin regeneration, intensifies skin protection and has an intensive moisturising effect.


An energy booster and thirst quencher in one. It leaves a noticeably pleasant, well-nourished moisture store on the skin and helps the skin gain radiance and freshness. This fountain of youth for the skin is suitable for all ages, skin types and men’s skin.


This Hyaluron ampoule is the ultimate moisturising factor. It smoothes the skin, leaves a rejuvenating feeling, restores radiance, strengthens the epidermis and stimulates cell regeneration. Very well tolerated and can be used on sensitive skin.

Purifying Effect

The Purifying Effect ampoule is soft and gentle on skin. It normalizes the sebum production, controls bacterial growth and alleviates inflammations.

Lifting Effect

This Lifting Effect ampoule is a light and fresh concentrate of active ingredients. Suitable for all ages and skin types it visibly smoothes and lifts the skin (microlifting) and is a long-term treatment for reduction of lines and wrinkles. Both a spa product or at-home treatment.

Caviar Anti Wrinkle

Suitable for all skin types providing in-depth moisturising anti-aging care. Containing Caviar which is highly moisturising and regenerating, it nurtures the skin while preventing the skin from aging. Stimulating collagen production, reducing lines and wrinkles. This concentrate protects and strengthens sensitive, stressed skin following sun exposure.

Stemcells Concentrate

This concentrate relies on nature’s very own self-renewal power: Stem cells renew the cell structure; repair damaged tissue and strengthen the skin. Thusly the serum has a lifting effect, is preventive and refreshing. This Stemcells Concentrate provides the skin with an energy kick on a daily basis. It’s suitable for all skin types and biologically optimised for the skin – without mineral oils and free of paraben.