The Perfect Body Balance

Our skin is the protective layer to our entire body and deserves the nourishment and care we continuously treat our faces with. Swiss Wellness is a combination of high-quality spa and body products which deliver an ultimate hydrating treatment.

The relaxing scents of these body moisturisers and high performing ingredients deliver an intensive in salon and at home skin experience. 

Ultimate moisturising with Swiss Wellness.

Gelée Royale Hand Cream

Soothing hand care to repair and nourish, tired, dry hands. The enriched formula has deep moisturising and skin rejuvenating properties which balance and restore PH levels. Applied daily this hand cream assists in reducing the appearance of age spots and maintains skin firmness. Conveniently packaged to keep with you during the day. 

Soft Body Lotion

Discover the ultimate moisturising care for the entire body. With a fresh scent, this ultra-light, non-greasy lotion will enrich the skin with vitamin B, to stimulate cell division and accelerate cell regeneration. This highly moisturising cream has skin tightening and healing effects with Alpine Flower extracts leaving the skin soft, toned and smelling delicious.