Swiss Vitamin Care

All products of the Skin Vital line are based on a combination of the vital Vitamins A, C & E. Through the special encapsulation of vitamins, Skin Vital supports the microcirculation of your skin and results in a fresher and glowing complexion. According to skin requirements, these products have been supplemented with additional actives. Skin Vital replenishes your skin with the energy and vitamins it has lost through damaging environmental impacts such as UV radiation, pollution as well as stress. Skin Vital activates the skin’s resistance to withstand negative impacts. It is a true fitness trainer for your skin.

Skin Vital activates the skin’s own powers to help protect it against negative influences.

Skin Vital supplies your skin with the energy and vitamins that are destroyed by harmful environmental influences.

2 in 1 Vitamin Cleanser

This delicate gel-like cleansing lotion gives the skin a refreshing and pleasant feel when cleansing. Thanks to the addition of moisturising ingredients and vitamins, your skin gains great radiance with your morning cleansing.

Moisturising Lotion with UVA Protection (with Venuceane)

An excellent antioxidant lotion containing miracle ingredient, Venuceane, which protects from photo-aging, ultraviolet and infrared skin damages, improves hydration and helps reduce irritations. Ideal day care for oily/dehydrated, young, acne and men’s skin. An intensive moisturising and regenerating lotion that can be used under any skincare product. A must for added sun protection!

Q10 Vital Cream

This light fruity cream activates the skin’s own functions and supports the self protection of the skin towards negative environmental influences. Q10 assists your skin to look younger for longer. It increases the ability of the upper layers of the skin to retain moisture, supports skin’s own regeneration processes and soothes and calms the skin.

Multi-Vitamin Cream

The light texture of this Multi-Vitamin Cream makes the skin feel pleasantly soft and smooth as soon as it is applied. It helps to reduce the signs of the lines caused by dryness and gives your skin a silky sheen. Encapsulated vitamins give your skin an instant energy boost.

Enriched Vitamin Cream

This rich cream contains Shea butter and cocoa butter in combination with encapsulated vitamins; ensuring dry, tired skin becomes smoother and more radiant. Thanks to its specially developed texture, this cream is also suitable as a Winter protection cream.

Vitalising Eye Cream

This scent free and effective eye care to treat lines and wrinkles, results in a rested and refreshed appearance in the eye area. The combination of various vitamins and moisture stabilizing ingredients supports the natural cell function. This cream activates the skin’s ability to retain moisture and reduces the finest wrinkles caused by tiredness and dryness.

Vitamin+ Caps (30 Pieces)

An intense vitamin skin care formation, including Vitamin E and a mix of precious oil complexes, for dry and sensitive skin. These capsules are rich in essential fatty acids that help preserve the skin’s moisture balance, increase the skin’s resistance against environmental influences, smooth the surface of the skin and improve skin elasticity. The skin is soothed, nourished and moisturised. Each of the 30 capsules contains the right quantity of product for one application.

Vitamin C Powder Mask (Professionals Only)

This mask stimulates the circulation of blood through the skin. It helps prevent rosacea, reduces visible reddening of the skin and has a soothing and balancing effect, leaving the skin looking more even. Refer to Skin Vital Journal for application.