Purifying Care

Skin Clear offers you a range of skincare products that has been specially developed for impure or large pore skin, with a tendency towards spots. This often creates a shallow complexion and abnormal skin condition caused by the following factors:

– Increased sebum production
– Blocked pores
– Poor skin balance

Skin Clear is based on this knowledge and has coordinated a new, innovative skincare range to meet the needs of greasy and mixed skin. Deeply cleansing the skin, removing impurities and dead skin cells, visibly enhancing and permanently improving the skin condition, giving a clearer and fresher complexion.

Have impure, oily skin prone to spots? Skin Clear is the ideal solution for skin with problems.

Specially developed for impure or large pore skin, Skin Clear helps achieve a clearer and fresher complexion.

Purifying Cleansing Foam

This fluffy foam, containing a combination of purifying ingredients, removes impurities and dead skin cells without drying out the skin. Deep cleansing, improves the skin condition and gives one’s complexion a fresher look.

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, prevents blocking of sebaceous glands, reduces production of sebum and also soothes irritated and reddened skin. Gently massage the foam on moist skin then rinse off. Also suitable for male grooming.

Purifying Toner

This alcohol free lotion, containing purifying and soothing ingredients, is ideal after cleansing, for mixed or slightly greasy skin. A special compound of active ingredients hones the skin texture and compensates for excessive production of sebum, the main cause of skin impurities, giving a clearer and fresher complexion. Stabilizes the barrier function of the skin, anti-bacterial, alleviates itchiness, refreshing, toning and disinfecting.

Purifying Serum

This light concentrate combines a compound of active ingredients, which regulate and normalise sebum production, plus a micro silver that neutralises impurities. The serum quickly absorbs into the skin, giving it a smooth and radiant look. Visibly and permanently improving the skin condition, protecting and strengthening the epidermis against the harmful effects of the environment. Also suitable for sensitive skin. Promotes a fresh and healthy appearance, acts against impurities and bacterial growth, astringent and is balancing and soothing. Recommended for daily use, mornings and evenings.

Purifying Yeast Mask

The Purifying Yeast Mask gently removes dead skin cells and surface sebum without irritating the skin, while also stimulating cellular activity. It acts as a prophylactic against impurities and soothes the skin, giving the complexion a fresh and radiant look and making it more absorbent for the aftercare. Disinfects, alleviates skin impurities, stimulates the immune system, removes dead skin cells and gives an immediate lustrous complexion. Apply once to twice a week.

Purifying Amber Peeling

This gentle formula works to remove toxins, dirt and excess oil from the skin.  It offers a unique balance of energy and recovery that provides a deep richness of nurturing and renewed skin. Formulated from botanical fossilise resin of the forest, this vegetal product accelerates skin desquamation, erasing layers of dead cells and impurities, allowing an ameliorated cell oxygenation that contributes to purifying. It supports the skins ability to achieve a smooth, polished, bright and luminous appearance known to reverence eternal beauty.

Purifying Moisture Cream

This Purifying Moisture Cream is the ultra-light, highly concentrated hydrating 24 hour care, the ideal solution for skin with problems. This active complex acts on 3 levels: soothes skin prone to irritations, helps in relieving sensation of discomfort and supports the skin’s natural protection. The skin regains its normal healthy balance step by step. Dry, scaly skin parts look velvety soft again, thus gains a clearer and more even complexion.

Purifying Powder Mask
(Professionals Only)

Supplied in a box of 10 packets. This oceanic mud activates the metabolism, detoxifies and purifies the skin. The oil of the bitter orange acts as an antibacterial and reduces inflammations. Absorbs excessive sebum, balances the acid/alkaline level and regenerates stressed skin, leaving the skin radiant and fresh. Refer to Skin Clear Journal for application.