The Golden Point of Beauty

Phyto de Luxe/Premium Line is a combination of essential ingredients that cosmetic bio-technologists have discovered to be the most successful and the most important component of correct the early signs of premature skin aging. 

Phyto de Luxe combats the three different kinds of skin aging: photoaging, hormonal and chronological.

A luxurious skin care experience, with the most precious ingredients the plant world has to offer, the skin is transformed into a moisturised, firmer, detoxified complexion. 

Phyto de Luxe combats the three different kinds of skin aging: photoaging, hormonal and chronological.

The traditional Swiss values of quality, professionalism and safety are the basis of Mila d’Opiz philosophy. 


Premium Line Creamy Cleansing Foam

An intense, purifying cleansing foam which leaves the skin matified and refreshed. The creamy mousse cleanses without irritation, remineralises the skin whilst enhancing its natural protection system with active ingredient Swiss Glacier Water. This cleanser restores a normal moisture balance and prevents dryness, which creates a youthful radiance and slows the signs of aging. 


Premium Line Softening Tonic

The Softening Tonic is a hyaluronic booster, providing the skin instant moisture. The calming properties remove impurities and refine the skin’s structure to support the skin’s regeneration process. The skin is softened, providing a fresh, supple appearance.

Phyto Lift Cream

An intense, regenerative cream that works on the skin for 24 hours after application. Encapsulated plant stem cells stimulate and protect the cells of the skin preventing chronological skin aging. The skin is supported and hydrated, elasticity is improved and the hormonal skin aging process is slowed, creating strong, smooth and supple skin. Phyto Lift Cream is rich in Vitamin E and various plant derivatives for a radiant complexion.

Phyto Ultra Lift Cream

A non-greasy, ultra-light, anti-aging cream for all skin types. Acting as an antioxidant, the pomegranate extract feeds the skin essential vitamins, it is a balancing cream that stimulates collagen synthesis, activates the renewal of the extracellular matrix and provides an anti-wrinkle effect. Can be used day or night as a 24-hour skin treatment.

Phyto de Luxe Eye Cream

The Phyto de Luxe Eye Cream transforms the delicate eye zone area by tightening and strengthening the skin structure.  A luxurious combination of plant extracts combined into a velvety textured cream to counteract skin aging from hormonal changes and environmental influences.. The skin is protected, providing gentle relief from puffiness and dark circles.  The cream is effectively absorbed- may be used under makeup as an eye area primer.

Phyto DS Forbidden Serum

This revolutionary skin serum is the ultimate skin brightener and tightener, promising uncompromised quality in anti-aging skin care. The serum works as an instant fine line relaxer whilst nourishing and soothing the skin. Phyto DS Forbidden Serum keeps the skin youthful with active ingredients proven to relax facial contractions to assist in inhibiting the formation of new wrinkles and is an express skin lifting treatment.