The Golden Point of Beauty

For the first time in cosmetic history biotechnologists have succeeded in producing plant cell cultures. The plant stem cells of Uttwiler Spatlauber protect and stimulate the skin’s stem cells and delay chronological skin-aging.


The special complex Phyto 4.7 is composed by a well balanced combination of unadulterated phytosterol, such as soy beans, wild yams, cohosh, kudzu vine, pomegranate, angelica sinensis extract and Japanese knotweed.


The essential combination has more than only an anti-oxidant nature; it is an important component to correct early signs of premature skin-aging.

Phyto de Luxe means well-being on the highest level.

Helps combat the three different kinds of Skin Aging: photo-aging, hormonal aging as well as the chronological skin aging.


Phyto Lift Cream

Intense 24 hour skin and eye contour care against signs of skin-aging. Supports and strengthens elasticity of the skin, combats hormonal skin-aging, hydrating and moisturising. Includes anti-aging ingredients in maximum concentration.


Phyto Ultra Light Cream

Phyto Ultra-Light Cream is a non-greasy, light intensive, anti-aging treatment cream for every skin type. Specially formulated for mature or acne prone skin types, this cream works as an hormone balancing cream, acts against the aging of hormonal skin. Provides intensive 24 hour care by supporting and strengthening the skin’s elasticity and light barrier.

DS Forbidden Serum

The Phyto DS Forbidden Serum promises uncompromising quality in anti-aging skin care. The Swiss Laboratories of Mila d’Opiz have succeeded in producing skin care of the highest effectiveness for you. The Phyto DS Forbidden Serum is no exception. With this innovative, highly effective Hitech product, it is anticipated to perfect the already sensational Phyto de Luxe line. The Serum gives you immediate and efficient skin tightening. After only a few applications the skin shows clearly visible improvements in rejuvenating the skin.