Dry/Dehydrated Skin Therapy

The Hydro Boost skincare series is specially developed for dehydrated skin.

A lack of oil and moisture dries the skin, leaving it rough and flaking, rending it more susceptible to external irritants.  Hydro Boost is an innovative skincare series that provides the skin with active moisture reserves and supports the barrier layer during regeneration. Special moisturising substances penetrate the skin and are stored there for many hours.  The complexion looks visibly fresher and velvety soft. The skin feels smooth and more elastic.

The new Hydro Day Cream contains a UVA-I-Filter. This UVA filter has obtained the legal authorisation for its use in cosmetic products. It is an efficient protection against UVA long wavelength radiations and has the highest free radical protection for effective anti-aging, excellent sun protection and safer  self-tanning. It ensures an excellent  photo stability for a lasting effect.

Dry, sensitive skin demands professional care and special treatment from Mila d’Opiz Hydro Boost.

The latest ingredients in the Hydro Boost range combine themselves in a natural way and form a lasting moisture store on outermost layer of the epidermis.

Cleansing Gel

This gentle cleansing gel cleanses the skin thoroughly, whilst maintaining its protective hydrolipid film. Instantly leaves skin clean, fresh and moisturised. Mild deep cleansing and refines the skin structure.

Balancing Toner

This alcohol free lotion is the perfect finish to the cleansing process; suitable for all skin types. Gently removes all traces of cleanser and neutralises the skin.  A special complex of active ingredients moisturises and revitalizes the skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully fresh. Replaces lost moisture, leaves skin smooth and supple and refines the skin structure.

Moisturising Day Cream

The ideal day cream for perfectly moisturised, strengthened skin. Special complexes of active ingredients provide the skin with lasting moisture and help to restore its normal balance, leaving the complexion looking clear and fine. Optimises the moisture content of the skin, protects against free radicals, maintains its elasticity, soothes the skin and counters irritation.

Moisturising Night Cream

This re-hydrating night cream provides a balanced moisture level and helps the skin to regenerate while you are sleeping. It relaxes and becomes soft, taut and smooth. Mimics the natural moisture level in the skin, soothes the skin and strengthens the memory function of the outer layer of the epidermis.

Moisturising Cream Mask (Professionals Only)

This gentle smooth mask provides dehydrated skin with lasting moisture. Special complexes of active ingredients quickly and efficiently restore the moisture loss of dehydrated skin. It becomes more elastic and instantly radiates freshness. Increases skin’s cell growth, strengthens the memory function of the outer of the epidermis and creates visible regeneration of the skin to reveal a fresh look.

Moisturising Gel Mask (Professionals Only)

This ideal gel mask provides an instant boost of freshness and is both cooling and soothing. Intensively moisturises and relaxes the skin. A nourishing mask for all skin types. Increases cell growth in the skin, restores the balance of the skin’s natural lipid layer, leaves the skin smooth and restores radiance.

3D Hycon Hyaluron Serum

3D Hycon Hyaluron Serum is a high-tech hydration performer. It has a unique moisture complex with a long-lasting effect, which minimizes appearance of lines/wrinkles, reinforces the moisture barrier and leaves the skin soft and supple. An optimal hydration booster and anti-aging product.

Moisturising Eye Cream

A high-tech eye contour cream, long-lasting moisture, reduces eye bags & dark circles. Immediate lifting effect, minimizes appearance of line & wrinkles. The eye contour area gains in elasticity, while giving the skin a smooth feeling.

3D Hyaluron+ Capsules (21 Pieces)

An extremely powerful moisturiser, this high-tech hydration system in a capsule performs to stimulate urea synthesis and storage directly into the epidermis.

Maintains water balance and prevents Trans Epidermal Water loss, supports the skin’s hydration levels giving plump volume to the skin, minimises the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reinforces the moisture barrier of the epidermis, leaving the skin soft and supple.