Final Touch
Make-Up Care

Mila d’Opiz is breaking new ground in developing an innovative collection of make-up essentials. They provide an essential Final Touch for every woman’s appearance. A skin care make-up line  with moisturising ingredients to give a beautifully even, flawless and  protected complexion.

Final Touch is a compact collection that includes nourishing and hydrating components, with distinctively different shades, that aim to diffuse a natural and even look.

It is designed to give the unique care  that your skin deserves, offers a  perfect coverage and a natural and elegant luminosity.

Unveil your ingenious personality by creating your own shades! You can play with our unique shades and create your own bespoke make-up tone by mixing 2 or more products so as to obtain the best colour that will suit your skin tone.

Mila d’Opiz is a natural way to a beautiful complexion.

This line is particularly safe and skin-friendly for allergy sufferers. The ingredients are very well tolerated, provide an optimal adhesion and are resistant to light.

Perfect Blemish Balm
97% Coverage

A gentle, creamy textured foundation which nourishes the skin, containing active ingredients that normalize the moisture content of the skin. Expertly covers irregularity, provides the skin with a natural, mattifying, silky smooth flawless appearance. Suitable for sensitive skins.

3 shades: Porcelain, Natural, Hazel