Precious, Exclusive, Highest Quality

You are an individualist and are not satisfied with simple advertising statements. You want to judge and choose for yourself. You trust a Swiss company, which has conducted research and development over 70 years and develops products, which have been produced without any animal experimentation: cosmetic care products with guaranteed quality and results and which truly serve the consumer’s needs.

All active ingredients in the Classic line are of the highest standard, are allergen proofed, have to undergo the most critical tests and have been tested with human volunteers for many months.

Mila d’Opiz is synonymous with Swiss beauty and purity.

For the modern woman, highly effective products which slow down the skin ageing process at each stage of life.

Collagen Eye Patches

After only one application of the Mila d’Opiz Collagen Eye Patches the skin is visibly regenerated. Lines and wrinkles are reduced, redness and irritations are soothed and the skin is deeply hydrated. Use Eye Patches whenever your eye zone needs immediate visible results. For sustained skin regeneration, regular usage (ideally 2-3 times a week) is recommended.

Collagen Optima Cream

The perfect 24 hour care for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

This product is a modern ‘multi purpose’ item that helps to preserve the skin’s moisture balance, support the skin’s cell renewal and increase elasticity, leaving the skin looking young, fresh and firm

Sanddorn Creme (MVN)

Sanddorn MVN Cream is a highly concentrated vitamin cocktail, which feeds the skin from the inside, so balancing its deficiencies. The result is a thoroughly hydrated and altogether healthier skin.

The multivitamin cream, with seabuckthorn fruit extract and its omega fatty acids, is an authentic natural power pack. The combination of very special vitamins stimulate all the skin functions, tones the connective tissues and promotes the formation of new cell tissues.

ATP Eye Lift Gel

The cooling gel refreshes and relaxes the sensitive skin around the eyes. Energising substances improve skin elasticity and act against the signs of time.

Highly effective bio-technological actives smooth visible lines and wrinkles. This gel is oil-free.

Collagen Optima Lotion (SPF 15)

Pleasantly light day care for all skin types, offering UV protection. Lack of moisture due to stress, unbalanced diet or environmental aggressions is instantaneously compensated for. Perfect care for men, after shaving.

Climat Cream

Exquisite rich protective cream with Snow Algae extract. This pioneering intelligent natural element protects and activates longevity factors in skin cells, strengthens cellular defence mechanisms and supports skin regeneration, without leaving any oily trace.

Fruit Acid Sensation Cream

Marvellous light textured care for all skin types, stimulates skin regeneration, reduces keratinisation, improves skin metabolism and water binding capacity, excellent moisturiser and antioxidant. Natural fruit acids soften first the horny layer then gently release the horny cells in order to stimulate cell growth.

Refresher Spray

A really useful modern skin care aid for every woman and man, including teenagers.  Supplies cooling, mineral moisturising refreshment in Summer and an instant relief from tired and thirsty skin in winter. You can also use mornings and evenings as an intensifying moisturiser and mineral supplier by itself, or under your usual Mila d’Opiz day or night care.  During the day it can be used over make up.