Where it all began…

The proven and popular Classics remain the foundation range of Mila d’Opiz staying true to the original objective of quality skin care.

The Classics range is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions and offers refreshment, nutrition and protection for the skin. Classics reduce the signs of skin aging and is a comprehensive skin care line.

This highly effective range has been modified and continuously improved for generations with evolving technology to deliver a product with proven results. 

Mila d’Opiz is synonymous with Swiss beauty and purity.

For the modern woman, Mila’s Classics range encompasses highly effective products, which slow down the skin aging process at each stage of life.


CoQ10+ Cream

Moisturizing, anti-aging, nourishing face, neck and décolleté cream for the morning. Containing essential vitamins to assist in the renewal of the skin’s structure. With the added benefit of Vitamin A, C and E, this cream strengthens the skin cells defense mechanisms and the promotion of cell formation and renewal. The skin is protected against free radicals with Co-enzyme Q10, extending the longevity of the skins youth and delaying the first signs of premature aging. 

Cell Nourishing Cream

Cell Nourishing Cream’s rich texture softens the skin providing a particularly velvety feel. All-round regenerative cream for skin in need of energy and rejuvenation. Significantly reducing the skin’s loss of moisture, leaving a soft, smooth and nourished feel. By facilitating the loosening of dead skin cells with a mild natural exfoliant from the vegetable gemstone Amber and Pumice, the appearance of stressed skin is revitalized. Particularly useful as a repairing night cream. 

Collagen Optima Cream

This product is a modern, multipurpose cream that actively supports the skin’s moisture balance and skin cell renewal process. Once applied, it will significantly improve the skin’s elasticity and give a natural smoothing effect, leaving the skin firm and fresh. The perfect 24-hour care for dehydrated skin.


Collagen Optima Lotion (SPF15)

This light, day lotion is ideal for everyday use, for all skin types. Whilst providing reliable UV-A and UV-B protection, this lotion will deeply moisturise the skin, improve elasticity, actively support the skin in cell renewal and protect against harmful environmental impacts. 

Sanddorn Cream

This anti-aging, multivitamin cream, protects, restores and strengthens the skin, with sea buckthorn fruit extract and omega acids, it is an authentic natural power pack. The combination of regenerative vitamins stimulates all the skin functions, tones the connective tissues, promotes the formation of new cell tissue and reduces the visible signs of aging. Apply to the skin day or night or during skin treatments as a dense repair cream. 


Refresher Spray

A convenient, light and refreshing spray suitable for all skin types. With encapsulated pure Swiss Glacier Water, this spray refreshes and vitalizes the skin, whilst awakening the natural skin protection mechanism. Supplies a cooling, mineral moisturising refreshment in summer and an instant relief from dry and dehydrated skin in winter. For use mornings and evenings by itself, or under your usual Mila d’Opiz finishing cream. Due to its micro-fine distribution, the Refresher Spray can also be used on top of make-up to energise the skin. 


ATP Eye Lift Gel

This cooling gel refreshes and soothes the sensitive skin around the eyes. Highly effective bio-technological activessmooth visible lines and wrinkles and promote skin elasticity, stimulating an instant anti-aging effect. This gel is oil free and allergy friendly.