Male Skin

Mila d’Opiz Men is a practical, modern line for men of all ages and skin types. 

Men offers a specially formulated, effective skincare for tired, stressed skin providing a feeling of vitality and freshness. 

Formulated for stressed, tired skin, providing freshness and vitality.


Hair & Body Shower Gel

The 2-in-1 Hair and Body Shower Gel is a hydrating body and hair cleanser that has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties with an invigorating, sensual scent. This soft, yet active shower gel can also be used as a daily shampoo for the hair and scalp. 


After Shave Gel

After Shave Gel provides the skin with a gentle, cooling feel post shave. This anti-inflammatory gel calms the skin of shaving irritations, encouraging the skin to repair, become firmer and continue to absorb the active ingredients. 


Energising Cream

This long lasting moisturising day cream, contains anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients to achieve all day hydration. The Energising Cream reduces the appearance of fine lines, helps the skin regain its elasticity and leaves a fresh and energised look and feel. Mature skin types especially benefit from the ingredients in this cream. 


Deo Roll-On

A long-lasting, refreshing antiperspirant deodorant that is gentle on the skin. Leaving no white marks on clothes, helps the skin to stay dry whilst controlling body odours.